Pierre Katz could be considered one of world’s greatest “facial” rejuvenators of luxury brands. But his tools are typography and elements of web design Murfreesboro Tennessee rather than Botox or a scalpel.

Laying deep inside the creative brain, poster making ideas are sometimes hard to unhatch. Former Target creative director and poster maker extraordinaire, Allan Peters, tells us his top 10 tips for ideation and creation.

We’ve been pondering the power of the business card to create promotional buzz, and we gave you a gallery of unique business cards to spark inspiration for your own promotion design, whether for yourself or a client.

Weird college mascots? Pick your poison. And we picked ours, narrowing down the list to feature team nicknames that included logos forced to incorporate the oddities. As professional sports teams generally roll with tried and true nicknames (not counting minor league baseball, of course), nothing quite entertains like the often organically formed nicknames of the college ranks.

Notable paper maker and packaging producers, Neenah, has just announced a new partnership with12 of the web design Murfreesboro Tennessee community’s most notable and emerging talents. A Year’s Worth of Greetings is new, highly giftable, and for card givers with an edge.

The March Madness moniker has taken over the spring sports calendar. Amidst the home stretches of the NBA and NHL and the impending birth of a new MLB season, college basketball swoops into the collective ethos of American sports — inundating us with all things brackets along the way — with a three-week tournament run that culminates in one of the most-watched sporting events of the year: the Final Four.

Trump, Political Satire and Advice for Young Illustrators

In 1947, the School of Visual Arts in New York City was founded as a trade school for cartoonists and illustrators. Today, in a time where political satire is center stage, the school opens a new exhibit which pays tribute to its roots, while looking to the future.

Tech permeates all things San Jose. As the home of some of the world’s largest technology companies, the concept of creating a National Hockey League All-Star logo without embracing technology simply didn’t fit San Jose.

For all you creators out there, LG understands that there’s more to the final product than just the final product. There’s also the process. All the hours spent working, toiling, and creating, that no one ever sees.

Comic books have come a long way since the days of sitting in metal racks located in grocery stores and newsstands. Today, you can read comics from any of the big publishers, such as Dark Horse, DC, Fantagraphics, Image, or Marvel, and you can also read comic books made by the creators themselves—and some publish independently.

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