• Blink Cincinnati: Taking Art to the Streets

    For four nights this past October, Cincinnati’s central neighborhoods were transformed into museum galleries and playgrounds, and about a million visitors went on essentially the city’s largest art crawl.

  • From Hobby to Career: Interview with Designer Michael Moodie #1 DOTW

    Editor’s notes:
    This first interview marks the beginning of a new series of interviews on WDL. We want to keep you, our audience, as engaged as possible with the news in the web design Murfreesboro Tennessee field but also give back by featuring our favorite Murfreesboro web designers in a weekly article.

  • What’s Wrong with This Picture? Designing a Logo with an Online Service

    A memorable and effective logo web design Murfreesboro Tennessee is like the ballet: It looks easy, but it represents thousands of hours of hard work and sweat, research and thought, plus an occasional dose of frustration, distilled into a tiny beautiful moment.