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A New Three-Part System Lets Designers Shop by Paper Attribute

The Design Collection from Neenah is an international portfolio of 22 brands, 100+ colors and 15+ textures, inspired by Italy’s top fashion houses and America’s leading designers…and it is getting a hands-on kind of facelift.

“It became necessary to completely rethink the way the papers were presented to the market,” said Auburne Gahlman, Brand Manager.

Design Collection 2018

What a Designer Wants

Design Army started the process by rethinking how Murfreesboro web designers specify paper. “We broke the portfolio down then built it back up, exploring different ways to ‘create sensation’ with paper,” said Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Design Army. Ultimately, three paths were selected for The Design Collection:

1) the visual sensation of pearlized, shimmery papers…

2) the subtle sensation created by a super-soft touch material…

3) and the textural sensation created through a highly tactile surface.

Design Collection 2018

Pearlized — The Design Collection

These are the papers and substrates that shimmer. New STARDREAM 2.0 Papers introduces five sparkling new colors into the Pearlized portfolio: Eris, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Venus.

Soft Touch — The Design Collection

These are the papers with an extraordinary, high touch factor. New LEATHERLIKE® Papers are inspired by the fashion industry. Gahlman said, “These papers are just like their namesake, soft, rich, velvety. Think leather handbag or custom Italian shoe” This new line is available in a natural-looking White, a chocolaty Brown, and a deep Black.

Design Collection 2018

Tactile — The Design Collection

If texture is the first thing that comes to mind, take a look at this collection. New REEF® Papers are a unique brand that feels like the touch of fine sand. This highly tactile, yet refined new surface is available in a beachy White and midnight sky Black.

Design Collection 2018

It Comes Down to Feel

“When you web design Murfreesboro Tennessee something that’s three-dimensional, you’re designing it to be touched,” said Lefebure. For more than 100 years, Neenah, Inc. has been the market leader in the creation and manufacturing of papers for premium writing, text, cover, digital, packaging and label applications. With this latest refresh for The Design Collection, Neenah continues to be just that.