Tournament Media Management w/Live HD Streaming

If you are planning on running any type of sports tournament you'll want to find a way to easily manage everything while giving the spectators a world class show. We not only manage your main ring videography but also the bracket management and commentating. It will stream live in HD on the internet via YouTube or Twitch while also being displayed on a 10ft projector screen for the audience.


Your event will be recorded with one or more cameras to the internet and be easily downloaded at any time by anyone. Each recording is in 1080p HD.

Projection Screen

Your competitors and spectators will be able to view what is streaming live on a 10ft projection screen. It will be located out of the way of traffic lanes while being in perfect view of the audience. On screen will be live video from the main ring, commentators, scores, brackets and upcomming staging events. No longer will there be questions like 'have I been called yet?' simply check the screen and know exactly whose up next.

Live Streaming

A stunning live HD stream in 720p @60fps will be available for anyone to see at either YouTube or Twitch of any one of your rings. This includes the commentators, scores and brackets. We customize an overlay for your tournament needs that gives a heads up display of everything your viewers need to know. This stream is archived and available for download anytime by anyone. Your competitors can use them to create their own montage videos displaying their achievements.


We will have two headsets, a wireless mic and a dedicated screen for commentating and interviews. Choose two of your best personalities to give a blow by blow of the matches as they happen. With the wireless mic you can interview competitors and coaches the moment the match is over!

Bracket Management

We do like to offer bracket management through tournament organizing software. It isnt mandatory and would only be for the main ring or event being recorded. This way we can stream the bracket live on the internet and also put it up on the big projector screen for everyone to keep track.

Professional Video Editing

Let us take your raw video and turn it into a marketing masterpiece. Today video is increasingly the most important part of the digital experience. If you don't have at least one video about you or your company you are behind the times. We use the best video editing software on the market.

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