Offering the BEST in website design, graphic design, media design and internet marketing serving small-medium sized businesses in need of world class services. Honesty and integrity are the core values of our company. With so many web design companies over charging and under delivering we make it a point to go well above expectations while being under budget.

A critical factor that separates us from most other designers is our background. We've put many years in sales management across the country with high rates of success. The owner of Dragon Digital has owned and operated several successful small businesses built from the ground up in many different industries. This gives the company a unique perspective when building websites. After all, your website is a sales pitch giving your potential customer a first impression of your company. It's really in some ways even more important than your brick and mortar store. With the owner touting an 80% close ratio in high pressure sales (insurance, whole house water filters, mall kiosks) we know how to sell your product or service. Not to just build a pretty website with all the latest bells and whistles. Our sales expertise coupled with superior technical knowledge have proven invaluable in creating intuitive highly marketable properly functioning websites.

Grace & Andrew Kauffman

Owner & Founders of Dragon Digital®

The Kauffman Inspiration

First and foremost, web design in particular is a deep passion for both Grace and Andy. It combines all of their technical, artistic and sales expertise into one purpose, creating legendary new brands. Their long walk down the entreprenuerial road has taught them many lessons about business and sales that have given them a tremendous boost in forming long term success. Being passionate is absolutely essential to being truly successful but the most important reason they work as hard as they do is to support their family, family is second to nothing in this world and is all the inspiration they need. After that they are inspired to progress Dragon Digital's portfolio as the best web design company with high moral values and unwavering integrity not found anywhere else. Andy personally started his creative passion early in life and has been designing websites and graphics for companies and small businesses since 1996. Grace studied in Business Management and runs the entire business, from web and graphic design to advertising and quality control. The two work together in seamless motion to give you a breathtaking masterpiece that is always under-valued and over-delivered.