Grinders Skate Shop Website from Portfolio of Andrew Kauffman

Finished September 2020

Website Design in Murfreesboro TN by Andrew Kauffman
Premier Murfeesboro Web Designer
Whether decks, trucks or skate shoes, Grinders Skate Shop has been doing it like no other South Carolina skate shop. With years of experience and skater-owned from the very start, we are your # 1 destination when it comes to skateboarding.

Since our start in the heart of Spartanburg, we now supply all of South Carolina and thanks to our experienced team, you’ll never be on your own. We’ve made it our mission to be the premier destination for skateboarders- every day, no matter what time, regardless of where you are! Fast service within Spartanburg is, of course, ensured.

Looking for shaped decks, cruiser wheels, slip-ons, cargo pants or tracksuits? We have something for every taste. We’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and collections to offer you a comprehensive selection of exquisite products from the hottest brands like Polar, Magenta, Palace and SOUR. We also put a special focus on skateboard brands with whom we’ve worked hand in hand from the very beginning.