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Swagg Siti Entertainment Inc. is company that was founded in 2008. This company is an independent record label designed to create and provide services for music artist of all genres. The recording studio is located in LaVergne, TN. The CEO’s of this company are Erika Moore aka ‘Shye’ (St. Louis, Mo) and Byron Longmire aka ‘Broom’ (Lansing, MI). Swagg Siti Entertainment is Nashville based but was incorporated in 2009 to start other locations in other states.

The name Swagg Siti Entertainment was created to accommodate the different styles members brought to the label. After realizing that most members of the team were from different cities and states, it was only fit that the label be called ‘Swagg Siti Entertainment.’

Swagg Siti Entertainment is not only an independent record label but a management company as well. Swagg Siti Entertainment caters to the artist as an individual and provide managerial services that every artist needs in the entertainment industry. Swagg Siti Entertainment provides and brings professionalism and education to each artist they encounter. Swagg Siti Entertainment seeks self-motivation, self-investment, and self-determination in an artist. Swagg Siti’s goal is to take independent artists to the next level and get them as close to main stream as possible.

Swagg Siti Entertainment works with several artists from Nashville, St. Louis, Michigan, California, Texas, and Louisiana just to name a few. With determination and perseverance, Swagg Siti Entertainment plans to be the company/record label that brings attention to Nashville in the hip/hop and R&B genre of music.

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