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Finished April 2016

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Strangely Historical was an idea thought up by a small group of guys that just love history! We’d thought about what we could do with this seemingly useless font of historical facts and anecdotes and we thought of this newsletter!

We just loved the idea of getting a steady set of subscribers, hopefully as playfully dorky and interested in history as we are, oh and if you’re the standard super cool person, we love for you to keep reading too!

…but we digress, we thought this would be a great way to get all of these strange, odd, and generally weird things off our chest and into the heads of people just like you! Are we changing the world? No. BUT if we can help you learn something interesting or even give you a cool conversation starter, then we’ve done our job! We hope you enjoy our daily emails and if you have something to tell us or a strangely historical fact yourself, feel free to email us here.