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We believe Home Sense is the best choice you can make regarding the sale of one of your greatest assets. Home Sense was founded upon the belief in fair advertising, no secrets, and we do not provide a service we ourselves would not partner with. Home Sense recognizes that if you are reading this, you are very likely among the top 10% most affluent individuals in the world. The remaining 90%, whether located in your own community or abroad, have critical needs. A portion of all sales generated by Home Sense is contributed directly to organizations that help sustain the very essentials of life that we, the 10%, enjoy without a second thought. Living Water International is a non-profit organization founded upon the principle of providing clean drinking water for disadvantaged regions of the world, in the spirit of compassion. Its objective ensures that donated energy and resources result in sustainable water systems that meet the long-term needs of underdeveloped communities. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit ministry founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live, regardless of race or religion. Home Sense feels fortunate to be able contribute to the needs of both organizations. Be assured that your participation is contributing to new drinking water wells and new homes for those who are in critical need. Home Sense thanks you for supporting these honorable organizations!