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Logo Design

Logo Design in Nashville


We've been designing logos for 24+ years let us take you to the next level with our cutting edge designs. We will give you 5-10 options to choose and after you pick your favorite of those we give you another 5-10 variations of those, then we take our favorite and get them perfect. The final result is a custom crafted logo that stands the test of time and incorporates the full essence of your company.

Business Card Design

Business Card Design in Nashville

Your business card can be your most important marketing tool during face-to-face sales. This is the first impression of your business and should reflect your website and service quality. We'll make sure you get a phone call with our cutting edge business card designs and styles. We can also give you the best print sources for the cheapest bulk ordering.

Flyer Design

Flyer Design in Nashville

Have an upcoming event and need a promo flyer? You're in luck we love promo flyers! Nothing is more exciting than seeing someones face light up when they start reading your flyer and say those magic words, "I'll be there!"

Brochure Design

Brochure Design in Nashville

Sometimes there is no better way to market your product or service than a tri-fold brochure. Don't let your walk through traffic leave without something to read. If they do you may never see them again. With our tri-fold brochure designs we will keep them interested and you can rest assured they will have a detailed reminder of you and your business close at hand.

Label Design

Label Design in Nashville

Products come in all shapes and sizes and each one needs to look good if you want it to fly off the shelf. We make unique label designs that catch the eye and scream, "Buy me!"

Banner Design

Banner Design in Nashville

Need to make a big statement? With a large banner from The Red Kangaroo Agency™ you'll be sure to stop traffic. Sporting events, conventions, billboards it doesn't matter we can give you a design ahead of it's time that will get your phone ringing off the hook.