I want to thank everyone for being patient and working with me here on getting you integrated into this new (long term) system. There was a similar change about 4 months ago but that system has proved it wasn't exactly what I needed.  It's important that I do everything it takes to make things easier for me on the administrative side so I can focus on the things you need done. Many of you have open projects/requests and I'm currently working on all of it with the hopes of being done very soon. Please help me out by getting your new payment setup through this new portal. 

The goal is by Jan 1, 2019 to have everyone in here. If not they might have their hosting cut off. I've said that before to those who lapse their payments but this system is actually fully connected to your hosting package in my server, when payments are not made it will immediately suspend the account. Just like your electric bill, phone bill or internet bill.  It's going to save a tremendous amount of time and headache for me not to have to chase 49 dollars here and there but to focus on what I do best.

You'll be able to log in and update payment. Check company wide announcements. Eventually there will be a full knowledge base of articles written by me to help guide you through things like Hikashop, editing pages, viewing visitor stats, tracking SEO positions and more.

Again, thank you for your patience, can't wait to just hit the keyboard and bring your newest ideas to life :)

-Andrew Kauffman

Your Favorite Web Designer

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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